the knife

i´m in love with your brother, what´s his name?
i´ve thought i´ll come by to see him again
and when you two dance, oh what a dance
and when you two laugh, oh what a laugh
does he know what i am doing?
you pass this on, won´t you?
and if i ask him, once what would he say?
is he willing? can he play?

pass this on

electropop sueco. como una tarde comiendo golosinas en la cabina del dj del tiovivo. deep cuts - the knife


Anonymous Higinio said...

Absolutamente definitorio el comentario. Es justamente como pasar una tarde comiendo golosinas en la cabina del tiovivo.
Comes y comes absolutamente hipnotizado y aunque estés saciado no puedes dejar de comer extasiado con el giro infinito de las cadenas.
Que blog tan chulo tienes;)

10:55 p. m.  

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