panóptico: prisión construida de manera que el inspector puede observar a todos los prisioneros, en todo momento.


amores perros

más que maquillaje

on ne naît pas femmes: on le devient
simone de beauvoir


the knife

i´m in love with your brother, what´s his name?
i´ve thought i´ll come by to see him again
and when you two dance, oh what a dance
and when you two laugh, oh what a laugh
does he know what i am doing?
you pass this on, won´t you?
and if i ask him, once what would he say?
is he willing? can he play?

pass this on

electropop sueco. como una tarde comiendo golosinas en la cabina del dj del tiovivo. deep cuts - the knife www.theknife.net



última moda electroclash


i´m the ocean

voicemail numbers
on an old computer screen
rows of lovers
parked forever in a dream
screaming sirens
echoing across the bay
to the old boats
from the city far away

i'm not present
i'm a drug that makes you dream
i'm an aerostar
i'm a cutlass supreme
in the wrong lane
trying to turn against the flow
i'm the ocean
i'm the giant undertow

neil young


i´m like a mirror

last news

crimen en levante

fashion victims


homeless alien

feet fucking


coco cafè

mira una moderna

no vayas al sonar

16, 17 y 18 de junio: mouse on mars, miss kittin, lcd soundsystem, ellen allien, the soft pink truth, the chemical brothers, jeff mills, 2 many dj´s, le tigre... y los pijos al benicassim a ver a fischerspooner por 150 euros. ala.

last news


yo meo conmigo

homo punk

los domingos a las ocho, opio y un bizcocho.



"es mejor plagiar a kaka de luxe que hacer un disco entero imitando a astrud"
musica post-focomela: feismo electroclasher para oidos embrutecidos. el disco entero en www.minipiernaextra.tk


psicopato in blue


y otro

los muertos no cuentan cuentos

homenaje a cindy sherman